Presidential Decree Issued On Judicial Measures

Şubat 11, 2023

In the provinces where state of emergency has been declared as per the Presidential Decree dated 11.02.2023, legal measures were taken to prevent loss of rights in the field of judiciary. Relevant measures are as follows:
All periods regarding the birth, exercise, or termination of a right, including filing a lawsuit, initiating enforcement proceedings, application, complaint, objection, warning, notification, submission and limitation periods, periods of prescription and mandatory administrative application periods; and the periods determined for the parties or related persons stipulated under the Code of Administrative Judgment Procedure No. 2577, the Code of Procedure, the Code of Criminal Procedure No. 5271 and the Code of Civil Procedure No. 6100 and other laws containing procedural provisions, and the periods determined by the judge in this context, and the periods in mediation and conciliation institutions,
• The periods determined in the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law No. 2004 and other laws related to the law of enforcement, and within this scope, the periods determined by the judge or enforcement and bankruptcy offices,
• All enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings except for the enforcement acts regarding alimony receivables, of parties’ and proceeding transactions, receiving new enforcement and bankruptcy requests, execution of precautionary attachment decisions shall stop from 6/2/2023 (including this date) until 6/4/2023 (including this date). These periods start to run from the day following the day the suspension period ends.

The following periods are excluded:
• The limitation periods for crime and punishment, misdemeanor, and administrative sanction, and for disciplinary confinement and detention stipulated under laws,
• Periods regarding the protection measures regulated under the Law No. 5271,
• Periods regarding the transactions that complete the precautionary measures regulated under the Law No. 6100,
• Periods regulated in the relevant laws for the Turkish Grand National Assembly and presidential elections.

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